"3D-interpreter of drawings" program
Программа "3D-интерпретатор рабочих чертежей"

Familiarity with simple 2d editor is all that is needed in order to build 3d models.
3D-interpreter is capable to read drawing and, based on it, generate spatial object model, thus fulfilling function of "electronic" builder.

Creation of interpreted (formalized) drawing doesn't require significant changes in usual practice of the design. Set of predefined layers need to be included in drawing and relevant drawing instruments need to be used.
Main objective of the current program version is to check correctness (consistency) of design solutions completed in the form of traditional work drawings. Verification is carried out by automatic, drawing based construction of 3d models of building or building fragments. Visual inspection of constructed models makes it possible to detect clashes in the design phase.

Program status is shareware
Version 3d-i_v1_3en of program can be download via the link .
Test version 3d-i_v2_0 of program can be download via the link .

If you made the decision to use program in a professional way, pay its cost (contact the author).
Email address: 3dinterp@gmail.com
Queries regarding program use can be addressed by same e-mail.

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