3d-interpreter of construction drawings

The four tools of dwg-editor, LINE, POLYLINE, MULTILINE, TEXT, are all a designer needs to get 3d models, bills of elements and quantity takeoffs.
The 3d-interpreter is able to read drawings, build a spatial model from them, extract the necessary information from the model.

"3d-int" Interpretation of construction drawings

The "3D-int" program is an experimental project that gives you the opportunity to see a virtual building constructed according to your drawings.
The program converts drawing lines into building constructions: columns, walls, beams, stairs, ramps, rafters.
The version 3d-i_v2_1en of the program can be downloaded from the link .
Advice on using the program can be obtained by contacting the author by phone or e-mail.

Alexander Yampolsky
e-mail: 3dinterp@gmail.com
phone: +7 9539672190

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